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Airfield Damage Repair Simulator

Streamlined Airfield Damage Repair Training

The Airfield Damage Repair Simulator (ADR Sim) is a unique tool developed by DS2, that is being used by organizations within the airforce (i.e. AFCEC) to plan and optimize the methods of airfield repair in the event of a domestic wartime attack.The Virtual Sand Table (VST) is a separate piece of hardware that ships with the simulation software.

The Virtual Sand Table

Running ADR Sim, this hardware enables an instructor to train multiple repair crews on the best strategies for repairing damages to a variety of real life airfields.


Unity Developer III

Tools: Unity 2021 LTS, 3D Studio Max, Simplygon, Photoshop,Substance Designer, Git​​

Role Responsibilities:

  • Unity development of a training simulation centered around military airfield rapid damage repair.

  • Creation of an animation-friendly 3D game asset LOD pipeline using Simplygon and Autodesk 3ds Max for Unity.

  • Created a unity editor tool that uses NetTopologySuite to convert airfield GIS runway data into navmeshes for use by A* pathfinding agents.

  • Ported an internal VR simulation from standalone to Oculus/Meta Quest 2.  I used Google Seurat to create the environment.

  • Designed & implemented several GIS data integration workflows for Unity-based apps like this simulator.



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